Each year skincare companies use lots of plastic in their packaging. Most of this plastic is made from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable and release carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.


Our Packaging is Made From Sugarcane Plastic

The tubes that Bulldog’s products come in are different. That’s because Bulldog is the first male skincare brand in the world to use sugarcane as a raw material in our packaging. So instead of using plastic from fossil fuels, Bulldog’s tubes use sugarcane plastic, made from Brazilian sugarcane, a renewable source that needs little more than natural rainfall to grow. Not bad for a men’s moisturiser, eh?


Sugarcane field

Short & Sweet

Like the sound of our new sugarcane plastic tubes? Then take a look at our short film which tells the story of why we are introducing this new packaging.

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Look Out For This Logo

Whenever you see this logo on the back of a Bulldog product, you know that at least 50% of the packaging the product comes in is made from plastic from sugarcane. 50% is the highest amount we can currently reach, but we’re working on ways of making this proportion even greater. Bulldog’s tubes can be recycled wherever plastic can be recycled.