The Bonchurch Sleeve

Handle Sleeves: Can't decide?
Size: 1 ct
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About the shave

Don't buy a new razor, you can replace your Original Bamboo Handle, just screw and go.

A replacement handle for your Bulldog razor. Shaving is all about preparation and preference that's why we've designed four alternative razor handle shapes for you to choose from.
The Bonchurch has a slim silhouette and is perfect for full and complete shaving control.
Bamboo WoodA hard-working fast-growing sustainable wood that's used all around the world for anything from furniture and scaffolding to our Original Bamboo Razor.
A Shave to Suit YouSelect the handle that feels right in your hands and shave close on your face.
Prolongs LifeDon't just throw away your razor to landfill after a few years, replace its working parts to reduce waste.

Types of Sleeves:
  • The Bonchurch "The Bonchurch", featured here, has a slim silhouette and is perfect for full and complete shaving control.

  • The Golborne Introducing you to the "The Golborne", it’s slim with enough grip to help you get a close, smooth shave every time.

  • The Original This version, our "Original" is the version that comes with all our Original Bulldog Razors, designed for precision shaving every time.

  • The Barlby This bad boy, we’ve called "The Barlby", has a thicker bottom so distributes the weight in your hand differently.

  • Step 1:

    Unscrew the screw at bottom of handle

  • Step 2:

    Remove current sleeve

  • Step 3:

    Replace with new sleeve

  • Step 4:

    Screw the screw at the bottom of the handle back on