Bamboo Razor Stand

Size: 1 ct
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About the shave

Take a stand against dull blades

Our Bamboo Razor Stand is made from the same tough, hardy and natural bamboo as our Original Bulldog Razor. The missing piece to keep your razor looking sharp and staying tidy. It also helps to store your razor properly (not blade down) to prolong the life of the blades and to help drain water away from the head. Made from a hard-working, fast-growing sustainable wood that's used all around the world for anything from furniture and scaffolding to our Original Bamboo Razor.
We’re very proud of our Original Bamboo Razor. The handy fella just won the 2019 Men’s Health Grooming Award for “Best Green Razor.” Guess a great shave doesn’t have to cost the Earth after all.
    • Benefits:

    • Helps prolong your razor’s life, in turn reducing waste and saving you cash
    • Made from sustainable bamboo wood
    • A sleek, handsome design combines fashion and function, providing a convenient and attractive addition to your bathroom shelf
    • Specially designed to work with our award-winning Original Bamboo Razor