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10 Easy Sustainable Swaps

March 1, 2019

Here at Bulldog we’ve always cared about doing the right thing. That’s why our sustainability development is really important to us and we’re constantly challenging ourselves to improve our services and products to be better to the planet, without compromising how they work for you.

Tote Bags

Get yourself a reusable cloth shopping tote or two. If you drive, it can be kept in your car or if you’re a commuter or (even better) cyclist pop one in your rucksack backpack. That way you always have it handy when you need to go to the store.

If you want extra bonus points, a reusable cloth produce bag is also helpful for bread, rolls, vegetables or fruit to avoid those little flimsy single-use plastic bags supermarkets seem to be so keen on.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Bottled water is a bit last year and sparkling water is totes 80’s (not in a good way). With all those nice sleek stainless-steel water bottles out there now is definitely the time to invest. The key is to get into the habit of always bringing it with you and get confident about asking shops and restaurants to refill it for you when out and about.

More and more public places are installing free water fountains like train stations and airports (just make sure you empty it out before going through security). Plus, it’s important to keep that skin hydrated, your Original Moisturizer is only so powerful.

A Bamboo Razor

Swap your standard plastic razor to our Original Bamboo Razor. Why? Less plastic, a responsibly sourced bamboo handle that is biodegradable and our stainless steel is un-chromed (removing an unnecessary purely cosmetic process). That is a lot less plastic waste.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Speaking of bamboo, you could make a swap to a bamboo toothbrush. Where a plastic tooth brush handle is going to hang around in landfill for the next thousand or so years, a bamboo or wood tooth brush handle is biodegradable. When it has reached the end of its life, simply use pliers to pull out the bristles (as these are made from Nylon) and then place the wood in the food waste bin, compost unit or bury it in the ground.

Grab Yourself a Reusable Coffee Cup

Fan of a takeaway hot drink first thing in the morning? Those paper cups are plastic lined, and none-recyclable so why not change over to a reusable coffee cup? In addition to looking great, cafes are also getting in on the act and most sell a reusable cup over the counter.

Cafes are going a step further and offer discounts to customers who bring a reusable cup. They’re the sort of business we should be supporting as ethically minded consumers.

Opt for Package-Free When Possible

Grab your veggies and fruit without the plastic wrap from a greengrocer or farmers market, you could even try one of the delivery schemes for wonky grocery store rejected vegetables.

If you’re lucky enough to have a package free bulk store nearby you could try shopping in bulk. Just bring those cloth bags we mentioned earlier, pay by weight, and store your food in containers or jars when you get home. Having a kitchen full of mason jars brings added interior design points too.

Avoid Microplastics

From day one, we have rejected the use of microbeads, those tiny pieces of plastic placed in skincare for exfoliating purposes, who wants that? Instead we use natural alternatives such as olive seed.

Get Familiar with Your Recycling

Every town or city varies in what it will take for recycling but it’s important to do what you can. Just make sure everything is nice a clean before-hand, a dirty container can contaminate the rest of your recycling, causing it all to be sent to landfill. To recycle our sugarcane bottles, simply snip the end off and give the inside a little clean out before placing it curbside.

Refuse Those Pesky Straws, Flyers and Free Pens

Unless you really need them, best to say no and give it a miss.

Invest with a Company That Does the Right Thing

Be sure to let us/them know what you think they could do better. Be vocal in the changes you want to see in companies. Any company worth its salt listens to what their customers want.

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