Causes of Sensitive Skin

Like with most skin issues, we suggest that you get to the root cause of your skin sensitivities before you start hunting for the best face cleanser for sensitive skin. Whilst we’re not dermatologists, and if you have a serious skin issue we suggest you visit one, we can highlight a few of the most common causes of skin sensitivities in men.

Sensitive skin is caused by the top layer of the skin becoming irritated. This can happen when your skin barrier is weakened by a trimmer. We’ve listed some of the most common causes below:

  • Cold, harsh weather
  • Sun damage
  • Stress (lack of sleep raises your cortisol levels which does impact your skin)
  • Shaving
  • Dehydrated skin

If you suspect that your skin is sensitive due to any of the above, do not fear, we have solutions to help. Obviously, we can’t change the weather, but we can help you protect your skin.

First and foremost though, try not to scratch any itches if you are itching and secondly use an SPF like our Protective Moisturiser every single day (even in the winter). UVA and UVB rays can further irritate your skin and they’re present all year round. Now let’s get to the fun bit and talk products!

How to Cleanse Sensitive Skin

Cleansing sensitive skin is challenging as you don’t want to disrupt the skin barrier even further by stripping away essential oils. However, cleansing twice a day is a non-negotiable step of your skin care routine. It’s strongly recommended that you keep away from heavily perfumed face washes as fragrances can be irritating, foam cleansers and exfoliating cleansers with active ingredients like salicylic acid (we’ll get to exfoliating don’t worry)!

The best cleanser for sensitive skin is one that is gentle and fragrance free. Our Sensitive Face Wash has been made with sensitive skin in mind. It’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed but not at all tight and dry after use. Don’t skip cleansing as you’re more likely to further irritate your skin if you don’t remove the pollutants and dirt from the outside world.



You might have heard that exfoliating is like magic for all skincare woes as it gives you a deep cleanse, but we recommend you approach with caution. Just because a product has been touted to be the best face scrub for dry skin, it doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Chemical exfoliants with ingredients like salicylic acid are great for exfoliating blemish prone skin and can help brighten your complexion. However, if you’re skin is flaking, red and perhaps sore, this isn’t your best option. Slough off dead skin cells with our Sensitive Face Scrub two or three times a week. It has absolutely no fragrance and contains quinoa husk to gently exfoliate the skin. Always follow this step with a moisturiser.

Shaving Sensitive Skin

The best advice we can give you for shaving sensitive skin is to exfoliate beforehand (now you know what the best exfoliator for sensitive skin is), prep with a non-drying shave cream or gel and moisturise after to re-hydrate your skin.

When choosing a shaving lubricant, we recommend a cream over a gel if your skin is sensitive. This is because creams tend to be glycerine based giving you extra moisture. Try our Sensitive Shave Cream which has been designed specifically to give you a smooth, close and comfortable shave.

When picking a razor, look for one with a lubricating strip that contains ingredients like aloe vera. Lubricating strips (plus a sharp blade) help the razor glide over the skin with ease so that you’re less likely to tug at the skin, which can lead to razor burn.

Sensitive Skin Products for Men

Sensitive Face Scrub

This men’s face scrub for sensitive skin contains quinoa, baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb. Specially formulated to gently exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling deeply cleansed without being tight or dry.

It helps to improve skin texture by removing dead skin, leaving it feeling soothed, fresh and soft.

How to use:

  1. Wet face with warm water
  2. Massage a small amount of face scrub gently into the skin in small circular motions
  3. Rinse well and pat skin dry. Always follow with moisturiser.

Sensitive Shave Cream

This hydrating shave cream contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb. It is a specially formulated shave cream for sensitive skin, helping the razor glide over the skin, delivering a smooth and close shave and leaving the skin feeling comfortably clean.

How to use:

  1. Wet face with warm water
  2. Massage in to stubble
  3. Shave smooth


Sensitive Moisturiser

This men’s moisturiser for sensitive skin contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb. It has been specially formulated to hydrate the skin without leaving it greasy or sticky. This moisturiser also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and soft.

How to use:

  1. Use morning and night
  2. Apply evenly to face and neck after cleansing

Winter Skincare


In the winter, you might need to bolster up your moisturiser by switching to a thicker and intensive formula and you may even notice that it’s not just your face that feels sensitive.

Other body parts like your hands are likely to feel dry and irritated too. Bulldog is on hand (excuse the pun) with simple yet effective products that can help you stay hydrated in the moisture wicking cold!

Harsh winter winds and transitioning between hot and cold temperatures can dehydrate your skin and irritate it. You’re not alone in noticing a grey, lacklustre and flaky complexion when temperatures drop but luckily, you can remedy this with a few adjustments to your skincare routine.

The best moisturisers for winter will act like a blanket of hydration for thirsty skin. Try using our Original 24hr Moisturiser at night after cleansing. It’s an intense formula that quenches dry skin without leaving a greasy residue.

The bitter chill is likely to leave your paws feeling rough and sometimes cracked. Use Original Hand Cream before you leave the house and top up throughout the day for a fast absorbing hit of hydration.