Anyone undertaking that seasonal search for truly unusual gifts for him knows just how tricky it can be to find something truly special. Our selection of products are purpose built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients with carefully selected man made ingredients for a superb product at an affordable price. Not bad eh?

In His Teens

If you’re shopping for a teenager, you know just how weirdly intimidating it can be to buy a gift for someone who’s precociously bright one day and then a Harry Enfield comic character the next. Who knows what their reaction will be to what you think are pretty cool gifts for men. Well, at least that’s what we think of them, but perhaps we’re just projecting or remembering what we were like ? We know that teenagers today don’t tend to be as tragic as we were when we were growing up (they’re all so well dressed these days) but it’s not hard to cast your mind back and remember some of the problems we faced as a younger man, battling against bad skin and regrettable music choices.

We really can’t help with the music choices and remember, nothing ages a parent or aunt/uncle like talking about how better music was in “their day”. Why not try and impress them by imparting a little learned wisdom in the shape of a wicked cool skincare routine. Let’s be honest, the average teenager probably still hasn’t worked out the best way to treat oily skin so giving them a few hits and tips would be a great way to put a little extra confidence in their step. Now that’s not a bad gift at all.

As we can all remember, teenage oily skin happily turns up just at the same age that you’re starting to take an interest in grooming and looking and feeling your best. That’s why we’d recommend the best place for a teenaged newbie to start would be with our Oil Control range. It’s specially formulated for oil prone skin. With a range of 5 products, there’s everything you need to get him started on his grooming journey. All Bulldog products are simple and easy to use so he wont need to crack open a chemistry text book to understand the products.

The amount of misinformation out there about the best way to treat oily skin is legend. With YouTube tutorials extolling the virtues everything from putting toothpaste on spots (we all tried it and it definitely doesn’t work) to using PVC glue as a black head remover (yes seriously and please don’t try it!). What you actually need is a light range of products that wont strip the skin (this exacerbates the problem) that will also hydrate. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In His 20s

During the perennial festive high street search for unusual gifts for him it’s safe to bet that it will be fairly tricky settling on something that’s wont resentfully clutter up his flat, end up in a pile for the charity shop or, even worse, landfill. That’s why we’re firm believers in taking the approach of getting him something that he’ll actually use (every day too), make his day better and elicit a genuine sense of gratitude.

By the time your gift recipient is in his twenties he’ll be on the way to figuring himself out a little, leaving home, getting his own place and starting out on his career.  He may still need a little grooming guidance and know how but that’s where you can come in with a perfectly timed Christmas present!


Skincare Duo Set


If your gift recipient is in his mid to late twenties and has normal skin, we’d suggest opting for something from our Original range. We’d describe “normal” skin as having no specific complaints but could still be improved by using a few choice products.

If he’s new to skincare we’d suggest a simple collection of products. As a general rule the very basic steps he should have in his skincare routine are cleanse & moisturise. Using our Original Face Wash twice a day (morning and evening) will leave the skin looking visibly clear and refreshed. Followed by our Original Moisturiser to hydrate the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. His skin will be looking healthier and feeling soft in no time. Check out our Skincare Duo Set, a great Christmas gift set of award winning Original Moisturiser & Original Face Wash.

If he’s already a skincare user and pretty well groomed, we’d suggest adding a little extra into his arsenal of products. He may not know how to use them or be eyeing them up already! Our Skincare Trio Set contains our Original Face Wash, Moisturiser and Face Scrub.

If he’s an active sort of bloke or one who loves his city breaks than our Skincare Kit For Men is just the ticket (excuse the pun!). Containing our Original Moisturiser, Original Face Wash & Original Face Scrub in a Bulldog Wash bag, it’s perfect for gym kits so make sure he’s always got his Bulldog on hand.

Skincare Duo Set

Our hydrating Original Moisturiser and non-drying Original Face Wash together in one no nonsense gift set. A perfect addition to the bathroom shelf as it will be to his daily routine. It’ll be sure to join the ranks of fish & chips, Gin & Tonic and Morecambe & Wise as a classic duo.

How to Use:

  1. Lather the Original Face Wash up on wet skin and rinse. Use twice a day, morning and evening
  2. Apply the Original Moisturiser on dry, clean skin (face and neck) after cleansing

Skincare Trio Set

Three of our all-time favourite products have come together, this special time of year, to make a winning gift. Our Original Moisturiser, Original Face Wash and Original Shave Gel are sure to beat a pair of socks or itchy jumper for best present this Christmas.

How to Use:

  1. Lather the Original Face Wash up on wet skin and rinse. Use twice a day, morning and evening.
  2. Apply the Original Moisturiser on dry, clean skin (face and neck) after cleansing
  3. Two to three times a week swap the Original Face Wash for the Original Face Scrub. Wet face with warm water. Massage a small amount of face scrub gently into the skin and rinse well. Follow with Original Moisturiser.

Skincare Set for Men

The perfect gift to receive, our Skincare Kit for Men is the perfect companion for any bloke. Use the Original Moisturiser to hydrate without leaving the skin feeling greasy, Original Face Wash to leave skin clean and clear without drying and Original Face Scrub cleanse and smooth the face. In a wash bag, ideal for gym kits, weekend bags or bathroom shelves.

How to Use:

  1. Lather the Original Face Wash up on wet skin and rinse. Use twice a day, morning and evening.
  2. Apply the Original Moisturiser on dry, clean skin (face and neck) after cleansing
  3. Two to three times a week swap the Original Face Wash for the Original Face Scrub. Wet face with warm water. Massage a small amount of face scrub gently into the skin and rinse well. Follow with Original Moisturiser.

In His 30s

When looking for cool gifts for guys in their 30s it’s often the case that you end up buying them something that they’ve asked for and are expecting. If he’s being practical this Christmas and asking for that extractor fan extender kit from the hardware store he hasn’t got round to buying yet, why not surprise him with a thoughtful gift to show you care beyond the day to day.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be flamboyant and push the boat out (cue hunting around down the back of the sofa for some extra coinage). Instead you should think about a little something that’s going to delight him every day or each time he uses it.

So let’s look at his daily routine. Does he rock a beard better than anyone this side of the North Pole (here’s looking at you Father Christmas)? Then why not show him how much you love his look with one of our beard care kits. It contains a Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, Beard Oil and Beard comb. He’ll be peacocking in front of the bathroom mirror for months to come.

More of a clean shaven, classically tailored kind of chap? We’ll why not introduce him to our Original Bamboo Razor and shave products. When making our razor we opted for a natural bamboo handle, un-chromed metal components and fully recycled packaging. So not only will it look smashing on his bathroom shelf, deliver a great shave with 5 tempered steel blades and a lubricating strip with aloe but he’ll be sound in the knowledge that he’s lowering his environmental impact.

Or why not pop a little luxury in his stocking? Our Original 24-Hour Moisturiser is the most intense in our range. Introducing this into his skincare regime in his 30s will pay off massively when he’s older. Starting off as a night cream a few times a week and upping the usage as required is a sure-fire way to help keep the skin hydrated and soft as he matures.

The Older Gentleman

If you’re looking for a gift for a guy who’s perhaps not as young as he once was then a great approach is to buy him some products that have been specially formulated to help him tackle those mature skin complaints the he (may) have started noticing.

We don’t believe in trying to turn back the clock here at Bulldog. We could go off on one for ages about this no cream or serum will stop the ageing process and we shouldn’t want to. Guys look great when they get older and who doesn’t love a silver fox? What you can do is opt for products that are specially formulated for mature skin, just as you can opt for products that are made with teenaged skin in mind (see above).


Older gent with stubble


Unusual best man gifts come in all shapes and sizes (just like blokes themselves) but the power of three has a nice ring to it! Our Age Defence range contains three products that work together to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks.

With a daily moisturiser to leaving the skin looking brighter and less dull, a serum that contains a concentrated antioxidant complex with more than twice the antioxidative power compared to the Age Defence Moisturiser and a soothing eye roll-on to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. These three simple yet powerful products will leave him feeling a little more confident in his skin.

The great thing about these three is that they can be layered up as necessary, so he can either use all three twice a day for a really sophisticated regime or pop the roll on in a work bag or jacket pocket and use as necessary as a quick pick me up.