Vetiver & Black Pepper Natural Deodorant

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This deodorant is specially formulated to deliver 24h odour protection. It contains a prebiotic extracted from chicory root and uses 100% natural fragrances with notes of black pepper, cedarwood and clove to leave you smelling fresh.  

Directions of Use

Apply to underarms only. Stop using this product if you develop redness or itching.


  • 24h Hour Protection

    Stay shower fresh all day with 24 hour odour protection. Our deodorant uses high-performance actives to neutralise odour forming bacteria and provide clinically proven 24hr protection.

    Grown Up Fragrance

    We used 100% natural fragrance in this warm and earthy scent. With notes of peppermint, black pepper, cedarwood and clove, it will leave you feeling relaxed and smelling incredible.


    We are really proud to offer a product that contains 98% natural ingredients whilst still performing over a 24hr period. Our deodorant is formulated without aluminium, baking soda, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and parabens. Instead, we've used targeted ingredients to stop odour for over 24hrs.

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