Sensitive Bamboo Razor

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The Sensitive Razor Your Skin Deserves

Sensitive skin and razors haven’t always seen eye to eye. Until now. Introducing our new Sensitive Bamboo Razor, specially designed to deliver a close, comfortable and environmentally conscious shave for those with sensitive skin.

Pack contains one Bamboo Razor handle + 2 Sensitive Steel Blades for a smooth, comfortable shave.

We make better choices so you can too, that’s why we launched our recycling scheme in partnership with First Mile.

Our Bamboo Razor handles fit both our Original Steel Blades and Sensitive Steel Blades.

Pro tip: use your Sensitive Bamboo Razor with Bulldog’s new and improved Sensitive Foaming Shave Gel powered by air (not aerosols), for a truly environmentally conscious shave. Finish with Sensitive Moisturiser to leave the skin hydrated, soft and refreshed.

  • Smooth and Comfortable on Sensitive Skin

    With a purpose-built lubricated guard strip enriched with baobab oil to protect and sooth the skin, 5 tempered steel blades and a pivoting design, the Sensitive Bamboo Razor provides everything you need to protect against skin irritation.

    A Focus on the Environment

    Like all Bulldog products, the Sensitive Bamboo Razor is built with a focus on lowering its environmental impact. A handle made from fast growing natural bamboo and metal handle, our razor uses far less plastic than a regular system razor.

    Easy to Open, Easy to Recycle

    Our razor and refill packaging is made from fully recycled stock, with environmentally friendly inks and an easy to open closure. Our packaging is fully and widely recyclable.

    Best Used With

    1. Sensitive Moisturiser UK
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      Sensitive Moisturiser
    2. Bamboo Razor Stand
    3. Sensitive Foaming Shave Gel
      Improved Packaging & Formulation
      Sensitive Foaming Shave Gel

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