Men's Shaving Products

Men's Shaving Products

Men's shaving products that suit you.Getting the perfect shave is all about preparation and preference. We have designed a line of shave prep products that allow each individual to select a product suitable for their own stubble and facial hair style.

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3 Steps to a Great Shave for Men

Whether you're a fully fledged traditionalist or it's just one of those times when only clean shaven will do, follow our 3 step guide for a great shave (whatever the reason). No matter why, having the right shaving products for men will definitely help.


Step 1: Prep

Preparation of the skin is essential. A face scrub for men should be used to help exfoliate the skin. Our Original Face Scrub contains oat kernel, olive seed and sweet almond shell powder. This step will help smooth the skin.


Step 2: Shave

The best place to shave is in the shower. The heat from the water will open up the pores, helping to deliver a better shave. Gently massage the shave product into the skin and stubble then shave smooth.


Step 3: Moisturise

The shaving process can leave the skin feeling sensitive and irritated. Using an aftershave balm post shave and a moisturiser for men as part of your daily skincare routine will help to keep it hydrated and the skin looking healthier.

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