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What is men’s After Shave and why do men need it?
Here at Bulldog Skincare we’re passionate about making male grooming products the right way. While we understand that it may not be the most important thing in the world, we believe that a good mens after shave and after shave balm can help men to look and feel their best. We’re proud to be one of the leading male grooming brands in the UK and we challenge ourselves everyday to make better choices, so you can too.
Expected outcome of using After Shave in the short / long term?
Using after shave lotions will help to calm and sooth the skin after the rigours of shaving. By using a post shave balm every time you shave, you will be going that extra little step to help protect and care for your skin.
What type of After Shave is best for your skin type?
For those of us lucky enough to have no specific skincare complaints or anyone who experiences dry skin, we recommend our Original After Shave Balm product as the perfect after shave balm for men Many men after shaving can experience discomfort. It can be a little daunting for anyone who experiences sensitivity to start a face care routine for men but don’t be put off. Our Sensitive After Shave Balm has been formulated without fragrance to be extra gentle, ideal for anyone prone to sensitivity.
What time of day is best to use After Shave?
Ideally, we would recommend that you shave after showering which, for most men, would be in the morning. Once you’ve completed your morning shave, pat skin dry (don’t rub), leave the skin to dry for around five minuets and then apply for the best aftershave balm experience.
What other products should you be using After Shave with?
A post shave balm should be used after you’ve shaved. We would recommend that the best shave starts with an exfoliation to help to prepare the skin. Use our Face Scrubs 3 times a week (or before shaving) and use a thick and hydrating Shave Gel/Shave Cream to protect the skin. The best way of ensuring a clean shave is to ensure your Razor Blades are sharp. How often they need to be changed depends on the individual and the thickness and texture of their hair/stubble but we would advise to change blades every 8 – 10 shaves (although it could be more or fewer). The best post shave balm can then be applied to dry skin in order to hydrate and soothe.
What is unique about Bulldog’s After Shave?
Bulldog is Man’s Best Friend. All our products are purpose built to help men look and feel their best. Designed from the ground up with male skin as their focus, all our products contain brilliant natural and carefully selected man-made ingredients to offer superb performance at an affordable price. We find complicated jargon-filled packaging frustrating, so everything we do is simple and straightforward . We make better choices so you can too. That’s why all our moisturisers are Carbon Neutral certified in the UK, our Razors have been developed to reduce plastic use, and our Shower Gel and Shampoo ranges are bottled in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (and that’s just the highlights). On top of that, all our products are cruelty free and certified vegan. You’d be surprised by the thought that goes into your everyday mens after shave.

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