Beard Grooming Products

Beard Grooming Products

We have the perfect beard grooming products for all styles. From cleaning and conditioning to moisturising and taming, our beard care products are designed to work simply and effectively.

3 Step Beard Care Guide

Having a beard is quite the achievement. Having a well groomed and healthy looking beard? Well, that’s the dream. Dream no more when you follow our 3 Step Beard Care Guide.


Step 1: Cleanse

Keep your beard clean and neat with special products for your beard. Our nourishing Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner has been designed to keep your beard smelling and looking fresh. After shampooing, your beard will feel soft and conditioned.


Step 2: Condition

Regular use of beard grooming products, like our Original Beard Oil, will help to leave your beard feeling soft and conditioned. It also helps to reduce that itchy beard feeling without leaving you feeling greasy.


Step 3: Style

Our Original Beard Balm is designed to bring a healthy shine and condition/soften/nourish the beard. Used with a beard comb, this light balm will help control and tame the beard giving it a neater finish.

What are men’s beard products and why do men need it?
Here at Bulldog, we’re passionate about making male grooming products the right way. While we understand that it may not be the most important thing in the world, we believe that good quality beard care can help men to look and feel their best. We’re proud to be one of the leading male grooming brands and we challenge ourselves everyday to make better choices, so you can too. Getting the right beard products can be a little confusing. With so many different beard styles, it can be hard to know how to best look after your beard. So whether you have a ‘tash, goatee, neat beard or full-on W.G. Grace, Bulldog has you covered.
Expected outcome of using beard products in the short / long term?
Men’s beards come in all different shapes and sizes which is why here at Bulldog, we want to offer a full range of beard care products. The best beard treatment is the one that is right for your grooming needs. Our Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner is ideal for anyone with a mid to full-length beard to ensure that whiskers are left soft, fresh, and cleansed. Perfect for beard maintenance and as part of your regular skincare regime. Another beard maintenance product is our Original Beard Wax. It provides long-lasting hold and is great for styling both beards and moustaches. If you want to kill two birds with one stone and are looking for a hard-working product that does both beard care and maintenance, our Original Beard Balm is right up your street. It provides light hold but also conditions the beard and soothes and hydrates the skin. Talk about a hard worker. For an intensive beard treatment, look no further than our Original Beard Oil. It’s fast-absorbing, and conditions while improving the shine of the beard adding to the overall appearance of a healthy happy beard.
What time of day is best to use beard products?
The best time to use your beard maintenance and styling products is in the morning. Once you’ve cleansed your face and applied moisturiser to dry skin, choose your beard or mustache styling product to set you up for the day. For an intense beard treatment, add a drop of Original Beard Oil to your palms and rub together before combing your fingers through a clean beard before bead.
What other products should you be using beard products with?
The best beard treatment and maintenance should go hand in hand with a skincare regime. We’d recommend using a Face Wash twice a day, morning and evening, always followed by a Moisturiser. Ensuring you use your face care products twice a day to help cleanse, refresh and hydrate your skin without leaving feeling dry or greasy.
What is unique about Bulldog’s beard products?
Bulldog is Man’s Best Friend. All our grooming products are purpose-built to help men look and feel their best. Designed from the ground up with male skin as their focus, all our products contain brilliant natural and carefully selected man-made ingredients to offer superb performance at an affordable price. We find complicated jargon-filled packaging frustrating, so everything we do is simple and straightforward. We make better choices so you can too. That’s why all our moisturisers are Carbon Neutral certified in the UK, our Razors have been developed to reduce plastic use, and our Shower Gel and Shampoo ranges are bottled in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (and that’s just the highlights). On top of that, all our products are cruelty free and certified vegan. You’d be surprised by the thought that goes into your everyday beard products.

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