We know it’s really tempting to launch into the new year making all sorts of plans and resolutions for the next twelve months. Here’s how we can help you to stick to some of your new year goals.

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We also know that there’s a lot of talk about “New Year, New You” in January. Well, we’re not super keen on this concept here at Bulldog. We’d prefer new year, same you, perhaps a little bit challenged to improve in the places you think you can make a difference. Ok, so it’s not super catchy. How about New Year, Even Better You? That’s got more of a ring to it.

So how can we help make things a little easier for you in 2019? Well, here’s our round up of 4 of the most common grooming mistakes and how to easily rectify them. Cleaning up your grooming act is one resolution that will be easier to stick to then running 1 hour everyday, trust us.



  1. Washing your face with shower gel

This is the first thing to tick off the list. Lots of shower gels use sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is a cheap and cheerful foaming agent that can strip moisture away from the skin. Not want you want at all. Instead opt for a specially formulated face wash that will refresh and cleanse your complexion without leaving a tight sensation.

Our Original Face Wash (£4.50) will leave the skin looking visibly clear and feeling refreshed.

  1. Not changing your razor blades often enough

Aaagh! Using a blunt razor is the number one cause of shaving irritation as it will rip hairs out of the follicle instead of cutting it smoothly. Change your blade every 7 – 10 uses and make sure you clean it properly after every use.

Our Original Bamboo Razor (£12.00) comes with one spare while our Original Steel Blades has four replacement heads featuring four blades, tempered steel and a lubricating strip with aloe vera.

  1. Putting toothpaste on spots

Buddy, just don’t do it. Toothpaste was designed to clean your teeth and not to clear blemishes. It really ain’t great for skin so instead use Oil Control Blemish Targeter (£6.00) which contains a blend of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and witch hazel.

  1. Not Moisturising

There isn’t really any excuse for this one. Even if you have oily skin you still need to moisturise (just make sure you choose the right moisturiser for your skin). If you don’t, your sebaceous glands will go in to overdrive to compensate which only makes the issue worse. Original Moisturiser is the best place to start as it’s specially formulated for normal skin and to hydrate the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue.


Pack The Ultimate Gym Wash Bag


Crikey, everything about working out is hard. From finding time to squeeze in the gym, to pushing yourself to achieve PBs, to those of us who fell out of the habit (hard) only to try and use new years resolutions as a motivator.

Whatever your reasons or however you get there we applaud you for going. Unfortunately, we can’t give you lifting power or extra stamina but we can help you look good and feel great post-workout by practically packing you gym wash bag for you. Read On.


  1. Freshen Up

Your hard work deserves more than the weird smelling, luminously coloured astringent shower gel they keep in the gym changing rooms. Use Original Shower Gel (£3.20) which contains amazing natural ingredients and menthol to keep you cool. The perfect post work out blast.

  1. A Grease Controlling Face Wash

Ever notice that your skin likes to host a little blemish party when you up the ante on your gym regime? The combination of sweat and dirt can clog your pores leading to break outs. Clean your face cleansed and clean by washing your face with a oil controlling formula straight after you finish working out. Oil Control Face Wash (£4.50)

  1. A Refreshing Deodorant

Put down the strong aerosol. You want a low-key deodorant that doesn’t over power your favourite fragrance (or anyone else trapped in a communal changing room with you). Our Original Roll-On Deodorant (£5.00) is aluminium free and contains a blend of essential oils.

  1. A Light Hydrating Drink for Your Skin

Working out causes transepidermal water loss. In English this is when water passes from the top two layers of the skin and then evaporates from the skin’s surface. It’s a natural process but sweating encourages this to happen rapidly. Counteract it with Oil Control Moisturiser (£6.00) a light, hydrating moisturiser.