Styling for Summer: Beard Looks You’ll Love

    Are beards still in fashion in 2021 and how can you make sure yours looks amazing? Check out our blog for all the answers.

    Beards were everywhere a few years ago, with a resurgence of men wanting to show off their facial hair in some seriously stylish ways. Now, as we move through the summer of 2021, we’ve decided to look again at beard styles and how they’ve changed over the past few years. 

    We’ll also look at how you can embrace your more hirsute side and grow a great looking beard with just a few tips.


    Are beards still in style in 2021?

    Yes, and in no small part thanks to lockdown. With so many men working from home over the course of the UK’s various lockdowns, many men were letting their facial hair grow because there has been less need to remain clean shaven for work purposes. In fact, there was even a #CoronaBeards hashtag on the socials, which helped men share their styles and gave others some serious beard envy.

    Now, in 2021, the trend shows no signs of letting up, with men more willing to experiment with facial hair styles as they start to make their way from the sofa back into society. Statistics show that just over 55% of men worldwide have a beard, and nearly 80% of beard-growing men say it makes them feel more attractive.

    What types of beards are in style?

    The great thing about beards is their versatility and stylish beards are ones that look great and enhance your existing features. Whether short and scruffy or long and perfectly manicured, a beard that suits your face shape is truly timeless.

    For beard inspiration, look at red carpet events (when they’re back), or fashion magazines and websites. Often the styles showcased on the catwalk or at celebrity events will trickle down into the everyday style you see on the street. Actors like Jon Hamm (who was previously known as the clean shaven character Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men), and Pierce Brosnan are rocking excellent beards in 2021. 

    How do I choose my beard style?

    When it comes to defining your beard length and shape, there are a few things to consider. The shape of your face, your job, how you dress, and how much time you want to dedicate to it will all influence the style of beard you should grow. Luckily, there’s a wealth of information in The Kennel to help you out.

    We’ve written a lot about choosing the right beard for your face shape and how to match it up with your own particular sense of style so be sure to check out our beard blogs to get some tips and tricks.


    What beard length is most professional?

    You might have let it grow during the lockdown, embracing your facial hair’s natural growth while you don’t have to go into a professional environment. However, with the world opening back up, maybe you feel like your lumberjack beard just won’t cut it when you need to go back to the office. Never fear, you don’t have to get rid of it all. Sometimes, a casual trim and some daily grooming will help you look professional without losing your new sense of style.

    We recommend investing in a quality beard shampoo, beard balm and beard oil. This holy trinity of products will help cover all the bases when it comes to maintaining your beard. Beard shampoo works as a cleanser by removing any excess oils from the beard without drying it out. A beard balm is a good way to hydrate the beard whilst also nourishing the skin beneath it which might become dry, leaving flakes behind. And finally, a beard oil will soften, tame, and condition the beard itself. 

    With these products in your arsenal, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy, professional looking beard so you can go from working from home back to the office without worrying about what the boss might say (and if your boss is a he, you may even be asked for some tips).

    What type of beard is the most attractive?

    Well, we all know beauty is in the eye of the beard-holder (sorry, couldn’t resist that one), so if you love your beard you’ll end up looking and feeling your best. No matter what kind of beard you grow, as long as it’s well cared for and suits your face and fashion sense, you’ll be able to create a consistent all round style that adds to your look rather than taking away from it.

    We recommend doing some research into celebrities that have the same face shape and clothing style as you; this will help you decide what can look best. The best way to work out what looks good, however, is to start growing and see where you end up.

    Remember, we’ve got tons of great blogs about beards and beard maintenance, so read up, stop shaving, and embrace the facial fuzz!