Shampoo vs Shower Gel: Why is It Better for My Hair?

    Shampoos & shower gels are two of the most popular personal care products. Shampoos, as we know, are specifically formulated for the hair and scalp whereas shower gels are intended primarily for the body. So, what’s the difference and how should you choose?

    What goes into shampoos and shower gels?

    Both products use something called “surfactants”. These ingredients are added to your product to trap dirt and oil from your skin and hair and wash them away. Plus, they often are the ones that deliver a nice lathering foam!

    Our shampoos contain lower levels of surfactants than our shower gels. Lower levels of surfactants mean less of the scalp’s natural oils are stripped to prevent the hair from going dry. To make doubly sure they’re taking care of your hair, all our shampoos contain natural conditioning agents to leave your hair feeling soft.

    We have carefully adapted our blends of surfactants to ensure they are easily rinsed off the hair, leaving hair feeling soft. Lower levels of surfactants mean less of the scalp’s natural oils are stripped – don’t worry, it doesn’t mean a lesser clean and your shampoo will still lather.


    What about pH?

    The pH of shampoos and shower gels differ. pH is a measure of how acidic or basic a substance or product is. When formulating our products, this is something we closely consider. Shampoos usually have a lower pH than shower gels in order to be closer to the natural pH of the hair shaft. A higher pH in shampoos can cause a negative electrical charge of the hair fibre surface, increasing friction which can cause cuticle damage, hair fibre breakage, and frizziness.

    In addition, our shampoos have been formulated to address specific hair and scalp needs using amazing natural ingredients. They are are suitable for all hair types and can be used as often as needed.

    Original Shampoo

    Our Original Shampoo contains inulin, a carbohydrate derived from chicory root, which acts as a natural conditioning agent to nourish the hair and moisturise the scalp, without leaving a heavy residue.

    Chicory has the one of the highest inulin contents of any plants. All chicory roots used for the manufacture of our active ingredient are cultivated in close proximity of the processing factory in Belgium. The crops are grown following strict rules with the aim of improving yields, using less water and herbicides. The extraction process of inulin out of the root is done with hot water, it is then enzymatically purified and crystallised.


    Our Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Shampoo contains jujube bark extract from the evergreen South American jujube tree. The bark extract contains saponins and polysaccharides, that work to deliver both a cleansing and anti-dandruff effect. This extract has been shown to have an anti-dandruff influence in a long-lasting way, with a superior result when compared a a widely used synthetic anti-dandruff ingredient. It also provides long lasting sebum control as well as a soothing effect.

    This makes it a natural active that is a complete solution against dandruff, and particularly well suited for inclusion in a shampoo. In addition, this shampoo contains a natural conditioning agent leaving the hair feeling soft without leaving a heavy residue.

    Sensitive Shampoo

    Our Sensitive Shampoo contains an extract of stem cells from the Fuji apple. The use of stem cell cultures carries a lower carbon footprint and is less resource intensive. This extract acts on sensitive scalp conditions such as flakiness, redness and sebum production. It has been shown to have a soothing effect, leading to a decrease in scalp redness and sensitivity. It acts on the scalp whilst respecting the balance of the microbiota.

    Of course it also contains contains a natural conditioning agent leaving like our other shampoos, so you are left with soft, nourished hair. 

    Order your shampoo today and get Bulldog care from head to toe.