How to Choose the Right Deodorant

    Deodorants have changed a lot over the years and in 2020 we aim to change the game once again with our new range of natural deodorants. With 98% natural ingredients and 24-hour protection, we’ve got your underarms covered, but we’ve also answered a few key questions about choosing the right deodorant below so you can make an informed choice.

    What deodorant is best for smelly armpits?

    There’s nothing worse than smelling something a bit off then realising it’s you. Choosing a deodorant that works at reducing body odour, no matter what activities you get up to, is key for not just good hygiene but also your confidence.

    Bulldog Skincare’s new range uses targeted ingredients to stop odour for over 24 hours. With a range of natural fragrances – like peppermint & eucalyptus and lemon & bergamot – you’ll be able to find a scent that works for you whilst staying away from anything synthetic. We don’t use any aluminium in our deodorants either, which can clog up the sweat glands and prevent toxins from leaving the body.

    What is wrong with aluminium in deodorant?

    Aluminium has been used in deodorants for a while, but lots of people have started to rethink its benefits. Aluminium acts as a blocker for your sweat glands, which is great for preventing sweating, but ask yourself “should I be stopping my body from working as nature intended?” Sweat is designed to regulate the temperature and help cool you down. It’s also a way for toxins to leave your body. Although the effects of aluminium absorption through the skin is still being studied, we wanted to stay away from aluminium as well as sweat preventing ingredients.

    Luckily, our new range steers clear of both aluminium and baking soda, using up to 98% natural ingredients. This also means they’re cruelty-free and certified vegan.

    What is the best deodorant for excessive sweating?

    Another thing that might make you feel less than awesome is excessive sweating, which is a real concern for a lot of men. Sometimes, when you do strenuous activity, overheat, or reach a heightened state of emotion, the nerves can activate your sweat glands which leads to prominent sweating.  However, unless you have an underlying medical issue that causes unmanageable sweating, we think it’s time to end the fear.

    Sweating is very important, cooling and detoxifying the body. Sweat itself doesn’t actually smell (it’s the bacteria that does that) so choose a deodorant that neutralises odour forming bacteria as well as providing 24-hour protection. Our range of deodorants don’t work like antiperspirants, which block the sweat glands, but rather work with the body’s natural processes to keep you smelling fresh all day.

    Is roll-on deodorant better than stick?

    Both roll-ons and stick deodorants are made for the same purpose – reducing odour. Sometimes, making the choice will come down to personal preference, but roll-on deodorants offer a smooth application that dispenses the deodorising gel evenly over the armpit. It will also give a cooling moisturising feeling after application due to it being a liquid solution rather than a stick’s solid composition.


    What is the best deodorant stick?

    If you’re used to a stick deodorant and find it works better for you than a roll-on, fear not because we’ve got you covered. Our Cedarwood and Patchouli Stick Deodorant contains two essential oils, grapefruit and witch hazel, and has been specially formulated to give you all day protection without feeling sticky. It’s also nice and natural, without synthetic fragrances or artificial colours.


    Check out our new selection of natural deodorants today and choose from a range of great synthetic-free fragrances.