How Bulldog’s Moisturisers Became Carbon Neutral

    In this article, we’re going to look at carbon neutrality, why it is so important, and how companies can better their footprint while still providing customers with the products they love.

    At Bulldog, we make better choices so you can too. Taking care of the world around us has long been part of our ethos as a company, and we’re proud of the steps we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint. From using sugarcane plastic tubes to reaching full carbon neutral status with our moisturisers, we understand that when it comes to the environment, we all need to make better choices.


    What exactly does carbon neutral mean?

    Essentially, being carbon neutral means you are offsetting any carbon you use in the operation or production stages of your business. This means you are emitting the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as you offset through other methods.

    So, for Bulldog Skincare’s moisturiser range we have reduced our carbon emissions to zero. This is in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the global standard in the industry. In fact, we’ve offset 530 tonnes of C02, the equivalent of over one million miles in a car. Or, to put it into even better context: five trips to the moon.

    Every single step of the process, including the extraction and processing of the materials used for packaging, the manufacture, and the distribution of the products is carbon neutral.

    Why are companies going carbon neutral?

    It sounds dramatic, but there really is no choice. We are at an important stage in the battle for the environment and being dedicated to reducing the harm caused to the world around us is absolutely vital. Without the efforts being made by big businesses, it won’t be possible to offset the amount of carbon being sent out into the atmosphere. Yes, businesses need to change rapidly and dramatically, but starting now is better than never.

    At Bulldog, we understand just how precious the environment is. We use some of the best ingredients nature has to offer so we know just how much there is to protect. It shows in the way we offset our emissions.

    The Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation project, based in Acre, Brazil, is fighting back against deforestation. It is thought that by 2030, 65% of this forested area could be gone. To combat this unimaginable destruction, the project works with local communities to help prevent the loss of this precious habitat, one of the most biodiverse in the world. The idea is to help present alternative economic models that reduce the country’s reliance on money that comes from deforestation. 

    With agricultural training provided to the community, trees are kept standing thereby drawing down carbon in the atmosphere and protecting this wonderful space.

    How does a company become carbon neutral?

    It all comes down to efficiency and education. For a long time, the cheapest and easiest way to do something could often be the most harmful. In terms of business, those who wish to move into a carbon neutral space need to analyse every single aspect of the supply chain in order to find better and safer ways of doing things.

    A company can get official CarbonNeutral status by meeting a series of criteria set out by The CarbonNeutral Protocol, they will then get a certification which shows that they have made a conscious effort to set targets and reduce internal reductions and offset emissions through financing verified emission reductions and removals. 

    What is a carbon neutral society?

    The big picture when it comes to carbon neutrality is to create a society that follows the same protocol. This means that our society will achieve net-zero carbon emissions, transitioning to a post-carbon economy.

    Some of the steps that can be made towards this ideology include buying locally grown and produced food, recycling all your waste appropriately, using renewable energy where possible, and reducing your meat and dairy intake. 

    However, we know that it’s down to companies like us to set the precedent. Large businesses do emit more carbon by their very nature so we know we have to make these changes. We’re working hard to decrease our footprint in loads of different ways – you can find out more about our initiatives on our CarbonNeutral info page. 


    Is carbon neutral possible?

    It might feel like a huge task in light of the rather intense news we see everyday. It can feel like no matter what we do, we won’t make a difference – but that is simply not true. Every single small effort each of us makes adds up to serious change. It’s all about identifying the impact we all have on the environment and working out better ways of doing things. 

    The world is our home, and protecting it should be everyone’s goal, which is why we are so proud to be making a difference. We make better choices, so you can too.