Go Hands Free: Why Hand Cream is Your Friend This Winter

    You might not realise just how busy your hands are throughout day. Whether you work in an office typing & clicking all day, or you spend your days on a building site, your hands come into contact with all sorts of things that can dry them out and leave them feeling cracked or painful.

    Your hands need to be moisturised just as much as your face and body do, so let’s take a look the questions we get asked about hand cream so you have all the info at your fingertips (pun totally intended).

    What is hand cream used for?

    Hand cream is quite obviously used for hydration your hands and replenishing moisture lost throughout the day. Your hand can become dry for lots of reasons – you could be a nurse constantly washing them, or a builder working in various climates with harsh materials. The most common time for dry hands to become an issue is during winter when the weather is cold and the winds are icy.

    It’s the same reason your face gets dry in the winter. You can wear gloves of course, but that won’t help give you back that much-needed moisture. Only a good quality hand cream can do that.

    Original Hand Cream

    Is body lotion and hand cream the same?

    They might be similar, but they’re not the same. Hand creams are specially designed for issues pertaining to your hands, whereas body lotion is there to help out your body. Body lotion often has a thinner consistency as well, whereas cream is thicker and often packs more of a concentrated punch of hydration.


    Can I use body lotion on my hands?

    Whilst it  wont do any damage to use body lotion on your hands, it’s it may not pack the punch that your paws might be looking for. When there’s a better option out there, why not go for it? The consistency of body lotion is thin, which means it’s probably not going to help dry hands that are crying out for something that has been made for them and them alone.

    Man using hand cream

    What’s best for extremely dry hands?

    If you struggle with extreme dryness, winter can be horrible for your hands. Dry air, whether hot or cold, wreaks havoc on dry hands, but there are a few other reasons why you might find your hands feeling chapped and sore even all year round. Dehydration, allergies, and excessive hand washing can all bring about dryness, and the best way to mitigate that feeling is to keep the skin on your hands chock full of moisture.

    You need a hand cream that instantly makes the skin feel softer, relieving that feeling of dryness without feeling sticky or greasy, whilst still nourishing the skin.

    What’s the best hand cream?

    Of course, we’re pretty confident it’s our own. The Bulldog Original Hand Cream for dry skin contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It absorbs easily into the skin to help relieve dry skin, leaving the hands feeling nourished, smooth and instantly softer. It’s been specially formulated to deliver 24h moisturisation, without being greasy or sticky.

    Order today and enjoy happier hands, no matter the weather or time of year.