First Date Beard Styling

    Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. If you’re nervous about looking amazing on a date, whether it’s a first impression or with your significant other, check out our first date beard styles.

    First dates can be nerve-wracking as you try your best to be yourself and make a good impression. If you’re a bearded gent looking to glow up for a date, check out these tips for styling your facial hair – perfect for everyday grooming too.

    How do you trim and shape a beard?

    There are so many beard styles out there to choose from so trimming and shaping your beard really depends a lot on what kind of look you are going for. Shorter beard styles take more regular trimming to maintain, whereas longer beards can make do with frequent combing and a beard balm to keep it looking smooth and healthy.

    In general, you should trim and shape your beard after a shower when the hairs are softer. Pat the beard to get rid of any excess water and use a beard balm to lock in the moisture. Then use a wooden beard comb (plastic combs can cause static) to pull the hair down – this will give you a better idea of the beard’s natural shape and highlight any stray hairs.

    After this, use a shave gel on the face (it’s transparent so you will be able to see where you need to shave/trim) and shave a line curving from the front of your ear down to the side of your mouth. Once you’ve sorted that, work out where your beard neckline should be and trim accordingly with a beard trimmer.

    Where should my beard neckline be?

    Your beard neckline should follow the curve from one ear to just above your Adam’s apple and then back up to the other ear. You can work out the midpoint by placing two fingers horizontally above your Adam’s apple – any hair beneath your top finger can be trimmed.

    A mistake that men often make is shaving their beard neckline too high. If you follow the line of your actual chin, you can end up with a beard that looks unfinished, especially if you keep thickness on the cheeks. If you do accidentally trim your neckline too short, reduce the hair on the cheeks and chin and wait for it to grow out so you can try again.

    When should I start shaping my beard?

    Let it grow, let it groooow! Ok, we’ll stop singing now, but yes you do just need to let it grow out. It can be hard to just let your hair do its thing, especially when you’re anticipating your new style, but it’s the only way to get good furry foundation from which to carve out your awesome new beard.

    You should allow the hair to grow out for as long as it takes but usually around four to six weeks of growth is enough. Essentially, you are allowing your face to get used to this newfound growth as well as working the direction in which the hair grows. A big error a lot of men make is starting to trim and shape too early in the process, without giving the beard time to fill out.

    How can I manage my beard?

    There’s a fine line between Joaquin Phoenix’s epic facial hair and the whole Tom Hanks in Castaway look – and it’s all in how you care for and maintain your beard. You will need to use a few different products to keep both your facial hair and the skin beneath healthy and hydrated. We recommend using a beard shampoo and conditioner as these will contain ingredients that have been specially formulated for beard hair, which differs greatly from the hair on your head.

    Further to that, we’d suggest looking into a beard oil or balm to help bring regular hydration to your beard. Not only will it moisturise your hair, it’ll also help keep beards looking sleek by holding down any flyaways.


    Do beards make you look better?

    We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the popularity of beards shows no sign of waning, which means that beards are beloved by the wearer and the beholder. Men and women love a beard, so it could be the perfect way to impress a date.