5 Questions You Have About Finding the Right Shower Gel

    Your shower is like a temple of calm, preparing you for the day and letting the stress evaporate so you’re ready for anything. When it comes to finding the right shower gel for your shower ritual, you need to make sure you’ve got one that smells great and treats your skin with the care it deserves.

    Let’s take a look at some of the key questions to answer before you purchase your new shower partner.

    What is shower gel used for?

    Shower gel is designed to clean your skin and improve cleansing in the shower. It is an alternative to traditional soaps and can come down to something as simple as personal preference; would you rather use a bar of soap, or a shower gel? We probably all remember those cracked and harsh bars from our childhood, well showering has certainly moved on from then. Shower gels also tend to have a scent as well, helping add to the experience.

    Shower gels have loads of different ingredients and benefits, but are all generally used in the same way. They tend to lather up with a fragrant and luxurious foam, which can add a bit of luxury to your morning routine.

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    What is the different between body wash and shower gel?

    The main difference between body wash and shower gel is the consistency. Shower gels tend to be a bit thicker and firmer whereas a body wash will be closer to a liquid soap. Shower gels also pack more of a punch in the smell department as they generally have a stronger concentration of scent.

    Either way, they work for cleaning your skin but a shower gel tends to give you a thicker and more luxurious feel come shower time.

    Lemon and Bergamot Shower Gel

    Is shower gel good for skin?

    That all depends on the shower gel and the proof is definitely in the pudding with our four variants! Shower gels that have a good formulation using great ingredients (the best of nature and the best of science) leave the skin feeling clean and cared for.

    Even if you’re fresh back from a rainy football practice and caked in mud, your skin needs to be gently cleansed to avoid becoming dry. Shower gels that stay away from sulfates and synthetic fragrances will help give that TLC even the hardiest of men needs for their skin.

    What is the best shower gel?

    Well, we’re obviously going to tell you ours is the best, but we really mean it. Our whole range of shower gels are designed to offer something a bit different. Whether you want to feel invigorated with peppermint and eucalyptus or comforted by the warming vetiver and black pepper, we’ve got a shower gel for you.

    Whichever one you opt for, you’ll get a deep cleansing feeling, 100% natural fragrances and a non-drying, high-hydration gel that’ll make your shower akin to something entirely more luxurious.

    What is the best shower gel for men?

    Basically, the best shower gel for men is one that is designed for men. We decided that because every man is different, he should be able to pick a shower gel that suits him. From light and refreshing Lemon and Bergamot, to the calming relaxation of our Original Shower Gel, choose something that works for you and your tastes.

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    Learn more about our shower gel range and the layers of scent we pack into each and every bottle.