You need the right tools for the right job, right? You wouldn’t use an allen key to bleed a radiator or a hammer to screw in a nail (unless your Scandinavian flatpack truly deserved it) so why would you treat your face any differently? Shaving can veer from the okay, to the uncomfortable, to the irritating, to the downright unpleasant for some people. One way to help alleviate any potential discomfort is by preparing the skin properly, which makes sense whether you find shaving uncomfortable or not. Think of it as getting your toolbox out from under the stairs before undertaking any DIY task, no matter how small or big.

Here at Bulldog we know just how important is to ensure that you’re using the right accessories for the perfect shave. There’s no one size fits all approach to this mind, not every man has the same shave frequency, hair growth rate or facial hair. That’s why it’s important to tailor your regime for your personal needs.

One common issue that men face (excuse the pun) is razor burn. This can take the form of stinging, bumps, redness and basically anything that makes the skin feel uncomfortable after shaving (bar actual nicks & cuts of course).

The first thing to do is exfoliate. If you don’t already exfoliate on a regular basis or prior to shaving, then you should definitely start and marvel at the results. Not only does this help to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin but it also removes dead and dry skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth. It also helps to lift the facial hairs which can help result in a closer shave. Remember, there’s no need to exfoliate more than 3 times a week.

If you’re prone to sensitivity you may be reticent to add in an exfoliating step, which is understandable. However, the bad old days of face scrubs containing microbeads that scrape and strip the skin are over. You can find plenty of alternatives (such as our Sensitive Face Scrub that contains quinoa to gently exfoliate).

It’s worth noting that lots of shaving brushes available on the market are made from badger hair. Here at Bulldog we never, ever use any animal-derived products and our very proud to be certified by Cruelty Free International. That’s why our Shaving Brush & Bowl uses synthetic hairs.

Applying your shaving cream with a shaving brush will also help to lift hairs and definitely adds some traditional theatre to your shave (#mindfulness). Ours comes with a matching shaving bowl so you can whip up a storm.

The Shave

One of the biggest improvements you can make to improve the look and feel of your morning shave is to use a good quality razor. Frequently changing your heads based on your own personal requirements (i.e. depending on how often you shave and your facial hair thickness) to ensure your using a sharp blade is an absolute essential.

By working out your optimum blade head use and ensuring your razor is kept up to date is a sure-fire way to stay on top of your shave. It will also help you to work out how many blades you need, when you need to shop for refills and help you to avoid running out!

When it comes to the razors, millions have been spent building a sharper razor. The reality is that most blades are now sharp enough. And while you can add balls, pictures on the handle (tasteful) or dragon guava lubricating trips (whatever on earth that is), is that really the best way to shave? We felt there had to be a better way and that’s why we looked at every aspect of how a razor is made, to create something that would bring some genuine improvements to your daily shave.

Our razor has 5 tempered steel blades and a flexible head to provide everything you need for a close and comfortable shave. What sets the Original Bamboo Razor apart from the rest is the focus on lowering its environmental impact. From the natural bamboo handle, to the packaging that’s made from fully recycled stock, using only environmentally friendly inks.





So not only is our razor hard working and environmentally friendly, but the bamboo handle looks like no other and is a handsome addition to any bathroom shelf alongside your shaving brush stand or shaving mug.

In addition to the 2 blade heads that are included in a razor pack, we’ve also brought out one single pack of replacement heads, our Original Steel Blades. That means that you don’t have to try to remember what make and model your razor is in the supermarket or risk ending up with a load of blades that don’t fit your razor (waste of money & a waste of product!).

One razor, one set of blades, with a focus on the environment.

Shaving Products for Men


Shave Brush & Bowl

Achieve a close and comfortable shave with this classic combo of a stoneware bowl and synthetic bristle shaving brush. A smart addition to your bathroom shelf and looks great with our Original Bamboo Razor.

How to Use:

  1. Add a 2p coin sized amount to the bowl plus a splash of water
  2. Whip up using the synthetic bristle shaving brush for a foamy shave

Original Bamboo Razor

Featuring a pivoting design (for a smooth comfortable shave), 5 tempered steel blades, lubricating strip with aloe, a precision trimmer for those awkward hairs and a brushed metal head.

How to Use:

  1. Exfoliate using a face scrub to lift hairs or
  2. Apply your shaving cream using a shaving brush
  3. Shave in the direction of hair growth
  4. Rinse the razor after each swipe to unclog the blade


Original Face Scrub

This face scrub for men contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to remove dead skin and leave the skin feeling smooth and deeply cleansed.

How to Use:

  1. Wet face with warm water.
  2. Massage a small amount of face scrub gently into the skin
  3. Rinse well
  4. Follow with Original Moisturiser.


Now you’ve prepped, gone through with the main event (aka the shave itself) it’s now time to move on to the aftercare. Shaving can be a really rough (ahem) ride for your face so it’s super important that you spend an extra few minutes making sure that you’re kind to the skin and go that little extra step for best results. The old stereotype of splashing your face with an alcohol solution or fragrance should be thoroughly banished from your mind. It’s uncomfortable in the moment, really bad for your skin and makes you look like Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone (great film though).

There are lots of men who struggle with sensitive skin and, while your skin is in such a venerable state, now is the time to make sure you don’t use anything that might cause irritation. Bulldog have a specially formulated range of sensitive products for this very reason. Fragrance free and using some amazing natural ingredients such as baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb our Sensitive Aftershave Balm is the perfect aftercare product.

It’s non-sticky and non-greasy so you won’t get that horrible “tacky” feeling on your skin. Instead it leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soothed and moisturized. Perfect really!

You should also consider adding in an all-round moisturser to your regime. This is something you should be using twice a day to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Not only does this help post-shave but also pre-shave. So it’s a win win!

Our Oil Control Moisturiser is ideal for anyone who is concerned that going from zero to twice a day might be a little too much at first. It provides lightweight hydration, so you don’t over do it, whist providing a mattified finish.

If you’re not too worried about moisturizing twice a day or know you’re not prone to oily skin then our absolute hero product is our Original Moisturiser. It will keep you hydrated and leave the skin looking healthier and feeling soft after use.

Can I just dry shave?

Ooooof no, we really wouldn’t recommend it. Make sure you use a shave gel/cream/foam/oil, whatever rocks your boat really but don’t go on dry. It’s really not good for the skin.

“Lots of men use the phrase “aftershave” to mean something to do with fragrance, i.e. a perfume or an EDT (eau de toilette). You should defiantly not apply this to your face, especially after shaving.”

Should I use an aftershave?

Lots of men use the phrase “aftershave” to mean something to do with fragrance, i.e. a perfume or an EDT (eau de toilette). You should defiantly not apply this to your face, especially after shaving. The alcohol is not good for the skin and neither is whatever fragrance may be in the formulation.

Instead opt for an “aftershave” like ours, a gentle, soothing cream.

Why do I have to change my blades?

The simple answer is; the sharper the blade, the smoother the shave, the smoother the shave, the less discomfort. Badda badda bing!

How often you change your blades depends on how often you shave and how thick your beard hair is. On average we’d suggest you change your blades every 5 – 7 shaves but give it a go and see what works for you.