Original Face Scrub

Because not all scrubbing should be a chore.
Vår Original Face Scrub exfolierar varsamt döda hudceller och stimulerar cellförnyelsen. Vi rekommenderar att du skrubbar huden en eller två gånger i veckan.

Fullmatad med åtta eteriska oljor, pimpsten, kokosskal, nyponolja och sheasmör som varsamt exfolierar huden.

  • Carefully Selected Ingredients

    Our Original Range has been specially formulated for everyday use on normal skin. We use carefully selected man made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as...

    Aloe Vera

    Camelina Oil

    Green Tea


    Put simply, it means that our exfoliating face scrub for men contains tiny pieces of oat kernel, almond shell and olive seed powder which gently buff your skin.

    Deep Cleansing

    The gentle but powerful formulation is purpose built for men to cope with the specific issues faced by male skin, such as facial hair, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed.


    Using the face scrub for men up to three times a week will keep your skin feeling smooth and well maintained.