Skincare Made Simple in 3 Easy Steps

There’s no need to spend hours every day on your grooming regime, simply find the right products for your skin and use consistently (morning & evening) for best results. Simple.


Original Face Wash – Lather up on wet skin and wash twice a day (morning and evening) before moisturising.

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Original Face Scrub – Oat kernel, almond shell and olive seed powder which gently buff your skin removing dead skin. Use up to 3 times a week.

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Original Moisturiser – Purpose-built for men to hydrate and soften, leaving the skin healthier looking. Fast absorbing so it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy.

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What is Normal Skin?

We could all use a helping hand every now and then. Here at Bulldog, we heartily recommend that all men should have a simple and straightforward skincare routine. Preferably one that doesn’t take up their whole morning while helping them to look and feel their best.

But what exactly is “normal” anyway? A good question, and who are we to be the arbiter of normality! When we use this term in skincare it means something a little different.

Normal skin means that there isn’t a specific skincare concern that you’re trying to address such as oily skin, sensitivity, mature skin, etc.

So if you’re new to skincare or just looking to start using products that are purpose-built for men’s skin (rather than nicking whatever’s been left in your bathroom by a co-habiting lady!) our Original range is where we would recommend you start.

How To Care For Your Skin?

The biggest difference you can make to your skin is to cleanse and moisturise consistently. Doing the double in the morning sets you up for the day while repeating the process in the evening gets rid of all the impurities that build up throughout the day.

Subbing in a face scrub for the face wash 2 – 3 times a week will help to deeply cleanse and remove dead skin. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a good scrub is one that you can feel sandblasting your face, that’s just going to irritate the skin over time which could lead to sensitivity or irritation.

Keeping consistency is key, but it can be hard. That’s why we’re firm believers in keeping things simple and straightforward.

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Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our Original Range has been specially formulated to be extra gentle for everyday use on normal skin. We use carefully selected man-made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as; Aloe Vera, Camelina Oil & Green Tea.