Original Shave Cream

A classic traditional cream for a classic traditional shave.
This shave cream contains aloe, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to deliver a smooth and close shave. All our products are purpose built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients. Be loyal to your skin. Our products never contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.
  • Carefully Selected Ingredients

    Our Original Range has been specially formulated for everyday use on normal skin. We use carefully selected man made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as...

    Aloe Vera

    Camelina Oil

    Green Tea

    Close shave

    The secret to a great shave is preparation. Our Original Shave Cream is specially formulated using the best of nature and the best of science for a close shave.

    Comfortable shave

    Comfort is key when it comes to shaving. That’s why our Original Shave Cream was formulated with comfort in mind.

    Fresh and clean

    A unique blend of 8 essential oils leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, all with no sting.