Original Beard Balm

Soften the unruliest beard.

This fast-absorbing beard balm contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to soften, condition and moisturise the beard.

It also leaves the skin feeling soothed and nourished whilst the beard is healthier looking and feeling less itchy.

Directions of Use

Rub a small amount into hands and apply evenly over beard.

  • Carefully Selected Ingredients

    Our Original Range has been specially formulated for everyday use on normal skin. We use carefully selected man made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as...

    Aloe Vera

    Camelina Oil

    Green Tea

    Fast absorbing

    Our beard balm is fast absorbing so won’t leave you looking like an oil slick.


    Leave your beard healthy and conditioned with this nourishing beard balm. Specially formulated for the thick hair found on the face.

    Reduces Itch

    Soothing and nourishing the hairs our beard balm will also help to