Online Exclusive

Save 25% on our Father’s Day shaving bundle for a limited time only. Comprising of our Original Bamboo Razor, Original Moisturiser, Original Shave Gel & a 4 pack of blade refills, it has everything to keep your Dad looking sharp and feeling great this Father’s Day.

The World Needs Less Plastic

Our Original Bamboo Razor is made with less plastic than your average system razor ✅

We’ve looked to remove plastic as much as we possibly can. For example, there is no plastic at all in the packaging, we’ve replaced standard plastic and rubber in the handle with sustainably sourced Bamboo and we’ve used very small blade guards rather than a large cartridge tray. Additionally, we’ve not chromed any of the metal elements. This is typically done for appearance but is another process that has an environmental impact.


While there are still plastic elements to the razor, we hope to continue improving our products, and to push the boundaries over the next few years.

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