Why You Shouldn’t Just Use Your Girlfriend’s Products for Oily Skin

It might be tempting to delve into the pile of products in your girlfriend’s bathroom to find the best products for oily skin – but you’re a bloke, and blokes have very different skin and grooming needs. One of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t be using her products is the increased levels of sebum you have compared with her. More sebum, more oil, more spots. You need to know what helps oily skin – but it needs also helps to be specific to for male skin.

Help for Oily Skin

Men have higher levels of testosterone than women, which causes increased sebum production, meaning conditions like acne, clogged pores and blackheads can easily be aggravated without proper care.

Women’s skincare and beauty products are not designed for male skin, so if you use them instead of seeking out your own, you might find your skin getting worse rather than better. Oily skin is a complaint we hear about a lot from men, which is why we’ve created a whole range designed to combat it.

The best face products for oily skin often contain these ingredients:

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a flowering shrub and the leaves, bark and twigs have traditionally been used as an astringent in skincare products.

Willow Bark

Willow bark is traditionally known to help dry excessively oily skin and improve skin texture. We source it from an award-winning environmental farm in Hertfordshire, keeping things as green as possible.


No, it’s not just for making gin, although we thoroughly support it’s use there. Our extract is made from the fruits of the juniper tree. It’s known for it’s moisturising and astringent properties for cosmetics.

Juniper branch and berries

Using the Best Face Products for Oily Skin

You don’t have to adopt endless bottles of tonics that use the latest weird pseudo-sciency-sounding ingredient, often there’s a natural ingredient that has been working for hundreds of years in some form of another – like the ones we just mentioned.

Now you know what ingredients work for oily skin, it’s time to work out the best face products for oily skin and what you need actually need to do for your skincare routine.

We recommend using a few different products to help alleviate the shine.

Wash it Off

Oily skin can benefit a lot from a good face wash. Choose one that has been specially formulated to remove excess oil. It will help to awaken the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed. Get rid of the day’s build up of toxins and pollutants, of which there are many and start fresh every single day.

Hit the Target

If you wake up with discolouration or an imperfection that needs seeing to, try a blemish targeter to hit that area specifically. Our blemish targeter has been formulated using willow bark and juniper. It’ll help calm and soothe the skin, leaving it looking healthier and minimising the appearance of blemishes.

Man Washing Face
Man with face mask

No Scrubs

Well, actually, we want scrubs – face scrubs to be specific. Sometimes, your skin needs some proper attention in the form of a mattifying face scrub. It’ll leave your skin feeling cleansed and smooth, minimising excess oil so you feel fresh. Our Oil Control Face Scrub has been formulated with black charcoal to truly exfoliate male skin.

Return of the Mask

We love a face mask because we know men enjoy treating themselves to a little pampering session as much as the ladies. Using a face mask once a week to give your skin a deep cleanse will leave you with a happy face and a calm mind. Our awesome Oil Control Face Mask uses a blend of natural clays: kaolin, Cornish and volcanus to help minimise excess oil and reduce shine. Leave the skin feeling polished and velvety with a mattifying face mask that gives a touch of luxury to even the burliest man.

#SelfCare right?

Finding the Time

It might seem that incorporating all of the above products into your skincare regime will make it hours long, but that’s not the case. Firstly, you only need to use the mask once a week (Sunday evening anyone?), and the rest of the products we’ve mentioned are quick to use and don’t leave the skin feeling like it needs an extra scrub. Non-drying, but also non-sticky products are the best to opt for.

Moreover, you can add all sorts of other things to your routine once you’ve got used to the above. You can find aftershaves for oily skin and sensitive skin aftershave balms, designed for the challenges your skin faces as a man. We can also recommend one of the best cleansers for oily skin in our multi-action toner, which is formulated to cleanse and hydrate the skin without leaving it sticky with oil-building residue.


Essentially, your girlfriend’s products are made for her so it’s best you find something a little more suited to your skin. Also, she’ll stop getting mad at you for nicking her stuff.