Pitch Perfect: Sports & Style Icons

Our favourite sports stars become icons because of their prowess on the pitch, field, or track – but it’s not just their sporting talents that turns them into stars. They’ve also become style icons over the years, with people like David Beckham, Tom Brady and Rene Lacoste going from the game to the red carpet with ease.

Here, we’re going to look at the most stylish sports icons from history and what looks have made them famous for their fashion sense.

Olivier Giroud – Football

With strong features and a killer beard, Olivier Giroud has become renknowned for his sense of style. He’s graced the covers of many a fashion magazine and has been offering a lot of people some serious manspiration!

Whether it’s a well-fitted suit or jeans and a leather jacket, he oozes style and carries most looks off pretty confidently.

One of the most recognisable style points for Giroud’s style is his trademark beard, which is one of the perfect beard styles for men with short hair. Good beard styles need to complement your facial features as well, and Giroud’s sharp nose and high cheekbones are supported with a full beard that has length.

Olivier Giroud in suit
Rene Lacoste

René Lacoste – Tennis

We’re going all the way back to the 20s with one of the first sports style icons, French tennis player Rene Lacoste. Nicknamed the Crocodile, Lacoste changed the way men dress by adapting the white woven shirts normally worn by tennis players into a short-sleeved cotton polo shirts we now know him for.

He moved from being a tennis player to a fashion designer, creating polo shirts with the crocodile logo that is now recognisable worldwide – in fact, he was one of the first designers to put his logo on the outside of a garment. He’s one of the original sports style icons and a deserving member of our list.

David Beckham – Football

No sports icon list would be complete without the king of the sarong, David Beckham. Nowadays, he’s probably known just as much for his looks as his football, and rightly so. From championing some great hairstyles to some classic fashion looks, Beckham has been towards the top of the style leagues for a long time.

He’s not afraid to experiment either! He’s rocked a whole host of popular beard styles over the years, from goatee to full beard. His hair has been equally experimental (remember the mohawk?!) Whatever he chooses to wear, he carries it all off with confidence and showed a legion of fans that fashion and style wasn’t just for girls.

David Beckham
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt – Athlete

Jamaican Olympic athlete Usain Bolt has said that style is important both on and off the track. Speaking with Drapers Online, he said, “The most important thing is running fast, but it is cool to run fast and look good.” In terms of sports-centric brands, he’s been sponsored by Puma since he was fifteen and has been an incredible draw for the brand.

His style translates to his life away from sport as well, with a passion for Gucci suits on the red carpet and a simpler jeans and t-shirt look for casual looks. When it comes to facial hair, Usain Bolt usually opts for clean shaven or types of beard styles that frame the chin, keeping the length short.

Fred Perry – Tennis

We’re finishing our list off with another style icon from the tennis world, Fred Perry. Born in the UK in 1909, Perry became the world number one and was quickly regarded as one of the best players to ever pick up a racket. He became a huge celebrity, known for his style and off-court romances, including Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich.

His influence on fashion started with a collaboration with Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner aimed at improving the effectiveness of the world’s first sweatband. Then, in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt debuted at Wimbledon. But it wasn’t just for sport. In fact, the tennis shirt style became synonymous with the 60s mod culture. This shows just how influential one piece of fashion can truly be – and it all started on the tennis court! Suave, stylish, and effortlessly cool, Fred Perry is the perfect gent to top off our list.

Fred Perry