How To… Take Care of Your Beard

Looking to learn how to use a beard oil? Don’t know your wax from your beard balm? Confused by what seems like an endless array of beard styles? Never fear, Bulldog is on hand to help navigate the choppy waters of men’s grooming by giving you all the info you need to put in place a simple beard grooming routine.

There are plenty of reasons why men decide to grow out their facial hair. It could be a fashion choice; you like rocking a checked shirt, drinking a craft beer, riding a fixie and think a big bushy beard is the logical choice for your grooming goals. It could be that you just don’t enjoy that morning shave.

Whatever your reasons, some blokes can find it a bit of a shock when they realise that an unkempt beard can be quite uncomfortable. Even more so, some of us struggle to understand why our beards aren’t quite living up to how we imagined (we’ve all seen the expectation verses reality memes, imagine that… But with beards).

Well, here at Bulldog we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to give up on your beard grooming dreams. A little TLC (tender loving conditioner… Anyone?) can go a really long way.

From Beard Oil to Beard Balm to Beard Combs, we’ve got everything you need to get reach your beard grooming goals. Bulldog is man’s best friend.

How To… Take Care of Your Beard