Earth Day 2019: Steps for Having a More Sustainable Lifestyle

It’s hard to ignore the effect we have collectively on our planet. The signs are becoming more obvious and it feels like everything we do has some kind of negative effect on our environment , the creatures we live alongside and the future for the next generation. Green living isn’t always easy, and you might think that you by yourself can’t make a tangible difference – but we’re here to tell you that you can.

At Bulldog Skincare, we’ve been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and make the way we run our business as ethical and environmentally-friendly as we can and even though there are always more steps to take, we’re making it a point of pride to try and make a difference.

So, what can you do help your little corner of the world on Earth Day 2019? Start small and you can make a big difference.

Start with Yourself

There’s no better place to start than yourself. Clothing, products and the materials you use on a daily basis have a marked effect on the world around you.

Try and source your clothing from an ethical brand that pays their international workers fairly and does not abuse the system by exploiting lax laws. Of course, this isn’t always easy because we have become accustomed to the brands that feature most often on the high street or online. But there are ways you can find out how they practice their business – check out their policy page online, look for certifications from organisations such as Cruelty Free International, or just send them an email and ask.

You can make choices in your day-to-day life that can lead to better, more green living. Get yourself a reusable coffee cup and count how many you have a day – that’s how many you have also saved. Use a glass or metal water bottle instead of plastic, and just chuck your fruit and veg in the trolley; there’s no need for extra plastic.

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Then Look Around the House

Your home is a great start on your journey and will be brimming with room for improvement. . Most things you use around the house, like bleach or limescale remover, have the logo that tells you they are harmful to consume, and it’s no different for other creatures.

Although water treatment facilities usually get rid of a great deal of the chemicals you wash down the sink before they get to the ocean, there is always the chance that a small amount will get through and end up causing some pretty bad stuff to happen at sea and on land. We recommend searching out a brand that is making steps towards becoming better or use natural products if you can source them.

Luckily, many brands are cottoning on to the opportunities for changing the way they create these products. Also, the increased interest in environmental care has prompted a range of eco-friendly startups, so keep your eyes peeled.

And Don’t Give Up!

You don’t have to turn vegan tomorrow and start dressing head to toe in hemp in order to feel like you’re making a difference. Sometimes, it’s a process that takes time. We’ve all grown up alongside products, brands and lifestyle choices that have helped us get into an environmental rut.

However, where there were limited options previously, now we have a multitude of choices at our fingertips. Don’t give up on your green living dreams, there are hundreds of ways to live a sustainable lifestyle from turning the lights off when you leave the room to minimising your use of plastics.

It’s not always easy to find the right path, but once you see just how many bottles of water you’re not buying, or how low your energy bill is once you stop leaving things on standby, you’re bound to start seeing the payoff for yourself and future generations.

Plastic Waste

Bulldog Skincare is making a huge effort towards sustainability. We use sugarcane packaging, keep plastic to a minimum with our bamboo razor, and use post-consumer recycled plastics in our new shower gel bottles.