Autumn TLC: Looking After Your Body This Season

Autumn is slowly but surely creeping in and with that comes unpredictable weather, warm nights in front of the fire, and digging out jumpers and boots from the back of the cupboard. What a lot of people forget is that the change in the weather can wreak havoc on your body.

Your spring and summer skincare routine doesn’t cut the mustard as the temperature starts to dip. We recommend stepping up the self-care so you can enjoy an autumn of adventure without worrying about how your skin is coping. From men’s body lotion to keeping your SPF in check, we’ve got some quality tips for a healthy autumn.

It’s All About the Moisture

A drop in temperature often coincides with dry skin. Although we recommend moisturising all year round, we suggest adding a bit of extra hydration in autumn by way of a quick-absorbing moisturiser that’s designed for dry skin. Moisturise twice a day, morning and evening, to maximise the moisture and keep your skin feeling fresh.

Also, think about the temperature of the water you use to wash your face. In the spring and summer, you probably like to cool down with cold water and vice versa in the winter you might think a nice splash of hot water will keep you cosy when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Both sides of the extreme can cause dry skin so it’s a good idea to keep it lukewarm. Follow up your wash with a moisturiser, and beard balm if you are a more hirsute gent.

Bulldog Beard Balm
Bulldog Shower Gel

The Shower is Your Friend

Sometimes, a hot shower is all you need to set you up for the day – regardless of the weather. While some people love literal lava on their skin in the cold weather, it’s not great for your skin. So, keep the temperature on the right side of hot, without letting it scald you. Very hot water can open pores and lead to dryness and irritation by damaging the keratin cells that sit on the outer layer of your skin.

If you need to soothe yourself this season, forego the hot water for warm and top up the luxury with a body wash. We’ve recently introduced a great range of shower gels in a variety of scents – from earthy vetiver and black pepper, to bright citrusy lemon and bergamot.

Embrace a Seasonal Diet

When it gets to autumn, you probably think it’s the perfect time to get lost in bowls of stew and casserole and curry, if for no other reason than to warm your cockles. However, it can be tempting to only eat these huge meals and end up feeling less ‘ready for anything’ and more ‘ready for bed’. You don’t have to forego the salads and healthy summer meals, there are tons of seasonal vegetables that can be used to craft some seriously good food.

This great calendar shows you when vegetables come into season, meaning you can get the freshest ingredients for your autumn-inspired diet.

Autumn soup
Energising Face Mask

Enjoy a Bit of Luxury

You might not listen to whale music and light candles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some luxury and pampering – men deserve it too! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your skin after you use a sheet mask, so why not try it?

If your skin is feeling a bit tired and dull, brighten things up with our Energising Sheet Mask which is made with rice, algae and maize – but don’t eat it. It’s been designed for male skin, brightening and hydrating for a smooth feeling. You can complete the luxury feeling with our whole range of Energising goodies, including a face wash and face scrub. So, when it gets that little bit tougher to get out of bed, gently invigorate yourself so you’re ready to face the day with a smile.

Autumn is a season of woodland dog walks, bonfires, and nights indoors on the couch, and with these tips you’ll wonder what the fuss with summer is all about.