We’re not interested in selling off old tat or getting people to invest thousands of pounds in the latest tech that they’ll only have to replace in a few years’ time.

With Bulldog, it’s all about the simple & straightforward steps you can take, every day, to help you look and feel your best. Our packaging is made from sugarcane, or PCR plastic & we are committed to improving our paw print.

So while we’re not perfect, Bulldog makes it easy for you to make the right call.

Our Top Pick

The “New Stuff” Black Friday Bundle

Discover all the amazing new products we’ve brought out this year! Perfect for the Bulldog aficionado or the male grooming novice.

Was £63.50

Save £19.50 (30% off)

Now £44


  1. Original Shower Gel 500ml
  2. Vetiver & Black Pepper Shower Gel 5ooml
  3. Original Bar Soap 200g
  4. Energising Face Wash 150ml
  5. Energising Face Scrub 125ml
  6. Energising Moisturiser 100ml
  7. Energising Sheet Mask 100ml
  8. Energising Eye Roll-On 15ml
  9. Original Toner 100ml



Grooming Black Friday Bundles

The Skincare Black Friday Bundle

A full selection of skincare products in our Original range. Perfect for anyone with normal skin (no particular skincare complaints) or someone looking to start their skincare journey with simple & straightforward products.

Was £38.50

Save £11.50 (25% off)

Now £27


    1. Original Face Wash
    2. Original Face Scrub
    3. Original Toner
    4. Original Moisturiser
    5. Original 24 Hour Moisturiser
    6. Original Lip Balm


The Beard Black Friday Bundle

For the hirsute bloke who takes pride in his facial fur… Or the gentlest of hints to those that don’t!

Was £39.50

Save £12.50 (30% off)

Now £27


  1. Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Original Beard Oil
  3. Original Beard Balm
  4. Beard Comb
  5. Original Face Wash
  6. Original Moisturiser
  7. Original Lip Balm


The Body Black Friday Bundle

Bulldog’s got your back… And front, and top, and bottom, and (ah-hem) we’ll stop while we’re ahead. All you need to know if that this bundle contains pretty much your entire grooming shopping list.

Was £38.50

Save £11.50

Now £27.00


  1. Original Shower Gel 500ml
  2. Original Bar Soap
  3. Original Body Lotion
  4. Original Stick Deodorant
  5. Original Hand Cream
  6. Original Lip Balm
  7. Original Face Wash
  8. Original Moisturiser

By Skin Type

The Oil Control Black Friday Bundle


If you’re prone to oily skin and looking for answers, it can be hard to know where to start. Well here’s the one bundle to rule them all! It has all the tools you need to get your skin under control.

Was £32.50

Save £6.50

Now £26


  1. Oil Control Face Wash
  2. Oil Control Face Scrub
  3. Oil Control Face Mask
  4. Oil Control Blemish Targeter
  5. Oil Control Moisturiser
  6. Oil Control Bar Soap



The Age Defence Black Friday Bundle

We all need a helping hand as we get older. Our defence bundle has got that extra bit of oomph in the form of an antioxidant complex of Rosemary, Echinacea and Vitamin E.

Was £39.50

Save £10

Now £29.50


  1. Original Face Wash
  2. Original Face Scrub
  3. Age Defence Moisturiser
  4. Age Defence Serum
  5. Age Defence Eye Roll-On

The Sensitive Black Friday Bundle

Just because you’ve got sensitive skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to look after your mug. Those with sensitive skin need extra gentle and caring products. Our sensitive products are specially formulated for men who experience sensitive skin.

Was £26.50

Save £5

Now £21.50


  1. Sensitive Face Wash
  2. Sensitive Face Scrub
  3. Sensitive Bar Soap
  4. Cedarwood & Patchouli Stick Deodorant
  5. Sensitive Moisturiser

The Energising Black Friday Bundle

Busy lifestyles can take their toll. Whether it’s too long spent in front of a screen, not enough time outdoors, late nights or not drinking enough water. Help is at hand with our energising range to put a bit of zip and zing back into tired or dull skin.

Was £39.50

Save £10.50

Now £29


  1. Energising Face Wash
  2. Energising Face Scrub
  3. Energising Sheet Mask
  4. Energising Eye Roll-On
  5. Energising Moisturiser