Those of us who can’t grow a beard shouldn’t feel left out, a clean shave will always look great. But for the rest of us who hate shaving, look cracking with a bit of facial fur or who simply want to keep our faces nice and cosy it’s a great development. You know one man that never had to shave for work? That’s right, the big man himself. No, not Sam Allardyce. The daddy of holidays, Father Christmas.


First of all, let’s talk about crumbs baby. With a big bushy beard and, presumably, access to about as many mince pies as small army of elves can reasonably be expected to procure, we’re assuming that Father Christmas’ beard starts off looking like the bottom of a biscuit tin. Not that we’re judging mind you. With the size of beard than man rocks, “Santa” as our American friends (and small children with parents who should know better) like to call him, can hardly be blamed. Even with a more, dare we say, practical sized beard you run the risk of crumb-age and spill-age.

The first step to a well-kept beard is to cleanse thoroughly. Because your beard is quite literally on your face it’s important to start off with the whole shebang. Using a face wash twice a day is the bedrock of any skincare routine, whether you go on to shave or maintain a luscious looking beard. The best place to start would be with our Original Face Wash. It’s been specially formulated to clean the skin and is refreshing and awakening, perfect for the morning!

Once your whole face is squeaky clean and peachy keen we’d suggest you move on to a specific wash for the bead. The hairs on your face can be thicker and behave differently to those on your head, that’s why some guys end up with a different colour beard to their hair. Your beard wash should also nourish & condition the beard. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t need to follow with a moisturising product but instead that it won’t totally strip the hair like some harsher shampoos might.

Our Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner is ideal for the task and leaves the beard feeling less itchy, a common complaint in the winter or from men who have sensitive prone skin.

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Man with beard in snow


Now we’re pretty sure that if we were able to find the elusive Papa Crimbo, befriend him and win his confidence he would be the gracious sort of big beard wearing chap that would permit us to stroke it. Imagine that: stroking Father Christmas’ beard. Now we’re fairly certain that after his personal Pretorian elf guard had given it a thorough shampooing, he wouldn’t scrimp on the moisturiser. Nah, he’d go all out. That beard would be as soft as the finest cashmere jumper in anyone’s stocking.

So how do you go from clean but brittle beard hairs to something that’s far more pleasing to the touch? That’s where the conditioning comes in. It’s worth noting that conditioning the beard isn’t just about making the hairs smoother (*clutches pearls and sharply intakes breath*) it has loads of other benefits that you may not have considered yet. For example, using a rich beard oil can make your beard hairs look glossier & improve shine.

Using a product that leaves the beard feeling soft can also be a great way to help soothe the skin under the beard. Again, a great bonus for anyone with sensitive skin.


Beard Care Kit


If you’ve got a prickly shopper in your life and buying Christmas presents for him is nothing sort of a nightmare, than a selection of beard products might be a great solution.

It’s really important to make sure that you opt for something that’s fast absorbing. There’s nothing worse than having to wait around for a product to “soak in”, you want to be able to groom and head out the door in the morning without messing about.

Our Original Beard Oil is a great example of what to use. It leaves the beard feeling soft, less itchy, and conditioned all without leaving the beard looking greasy.

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Beard Care Products for Men

Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

This 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to cleanse the beard and leave it feeling soft, fresh, nourished and conditioned. It also leaves the beard feeling itch-free.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a small amount (1p coin size) to the hand
  2. Add water and lather up
  3. Massage well into the beard

Original Beard Oil

This fast-absorbing beard oil contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to soften, tame and condition the beard. This oil helps improve the shine of the beard without making it look greasy.

How to Use:

  1. Drop a small amount of oil into the palm (remember you can always add more after you’ve applied)
  2. Apply evenly to facial hair and the skin under the beard
  3. Leave in so the product can be absorbed and continue to condition



Original Beard Balm

This fast-absorbing beard balm contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to soften, condition and moisturise the beard. It also leaves the skin feeling soothed and nourished whilst the beard is healthier looking and feeling less itchy.

How to Use:

  1. Rub a small amount into hands (remember you can always add more later)
  2. Apply evenly over beard
  3. Leave in to absorb and continue to condition


So now you’ve got a clean and cleansed beard which has been moisturised and conditioned. Congratulations, you’ve reached the pinnacle of beard excellence, grooming Valhalla if you will. But there is an additional stage that you can always lean in to, if you have the time and inclination, beard styling. There absolutely no shame in just wanting a tidy beard and keeping it simple and straightforward. However there are plenty of men who like to curate a more striking look and a massive part of that can be a fabulously styled beard or moustache. Whether you’re new to this or an old hand, it’s worth having a sense check to see if it will, or still does, work for you.

If you’re going down this route for the first time it’s worth thinking about how much time you’re willing to put into your look. If you’ve settled on something that takes ten to fifteen minutes a day to achieve are you really happy to wake up extra early Monday to Friday to make sure you hit your style points? What might seem totally doable on a Saturday and Sunday may prove to be a bit of a faff as soon as you hit the working week.

It’s also worth thinking about whether you feel comfortable with your chosen style in any situation that a varied working week might throw at you. Looking super cool on Saturday night but what would happen if it was a surprise pitch or an unexpected meeting with the big boss at work?

If you’re happy that you’ve settled on a style that totally works for you, regardless of the day, whatever the situation then what’s stopping you? You should totally go for it and show off your individuality to the world. Whether that’s a highly groomed moustache or a massive white beard (a la the big man himself).

What about any other guys you know, do you think that some previously unconsidered beard wearers might be inspired to up their style game?

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Older man with white beard

I have a beard, should I use a face scrub?

Yes, for sure! Exfoliating helps to remove dead and dry skin so is great for the face. Just make sure you rinse thoroughly, you wouldn’t want bits in your beard.

I only have light stubble, what should I use?

We have a great product for anyone who likes to hover between clean shaven and full on beardy. Our Original Stubble Moisturiser absorbs quickly and easily, leaving the stubble feeling soothed, soft and comfortable.

The skin beneath is healthier looking and well hydrated.

“We have a great product for anyone who likes to hover between clean shaven and full on beardy.”

How often should I use a beard shampoo?

We’d suggest you start of two to three times a week and see how you go. You can always experiment and add in more sessions throughout the week.

What’s the difference between an oil and a balm?

It’s just personal choice really. Try one and see how you get on, if you don’t like the consistency or feeling on the hairs you can always switch up.