We Make Better Choices So You Can Too

At Bulldog, sustainability isn’t an after-thought. It’s central to what we do.


We balance making decisions that are right for men’s skincare with those that are right for the planet, without hitting you in the pocket. It’s a delicate balance, which is why every new product we create comes with a series of unique choices.


And we make those sometimes tough choices in order to make premium products that are affordable and accessible to all men. When you chose Bulldog, you’re not compromising on quality or price, and you’re not compromising the environment.

So you see, our sustainability policy is meaningful and the same as every other policy in our business: we make better choices so you can too.

Sugarcane Packaging

Each year skincare companies use lots of plastic in their packaging. Most of this plastic is made from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable and release carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.

Instead of using plastic from fossil fuels, Bulldog was the first male skincare/grooming brand to use sugarcane plastic, made from Brazilian sugarcane, a renewable source that needs little more than natural rainfall to grow.

Our sugarcane packaging has a lower carbon footprint than traditional virgin plastic or glass alternatives.

CarbonNeutral® Certified Products

Sustainability is more than just a packaging choice, it’s about the impact on the environment from cradle to grave.

We have worked with industry experts, natural capital partners, to assess the carbon impact of our product from ingredients, to manufacture, to storage, to supply chain to understand the carbon impact of our Moisturisers.

Carrying out a full assessment of our hero product has allowed us to better understand the impact it and our other products have on the environment. Now that we know the impact our products have, we can and will be taking action to reduce their pawprint. Plus we can offset the carbon working with Acre Amazonian Rainforest Project.

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Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Recycling your waste is only a benefit to the environment if it is then given a second life and used again.

Where appropriate (i.e. where it will not be detrimental to your experience of using the product) we use post-consumer recycled plastic.

Our amber bottles and jars are made from PCR plastic that re-uses recycled plastic and means that additional plastic is not created. It’s all about the closed-loop economy.

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