We make better choices so you can too, that’s why we use Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic to give plastic a second life.


At Bulldog, we’re proud to use 100% recycled PET plastic in our shower gel bottles, beard shampoo bottles, beard balm jars and beard wax jars. In fact, anywhere you see an “amber” plastic you can trust that it is made from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic.

A Second Life for Plastic

There are clear environmental benefits to using recycled materials instead of virgin materials such as resource efficiency and savings in carbon. These savings are dependent on the content of recycled used in a plastic pack. This process of reusing recycled plastic is known as the circular economy.

The availability of recycled plastics depends greatly on each country’s recycling rates and infrastructures as well as on profitability. This means that certain types of plastics are more commonly recycled than others.

Why Do You Use Plastic?

Plastic can be found in practically every aspect of our life – it’s everywhere.
This is because it has unique properties in making consumer products last longer and be more resilient. Plastic offers a waterproof, UV, and chemical resistant barrier that allows us to easily transport, use and keep liquids for an extended period of time.
It is more energy-efficient to manufacture than aluminum and lighter to transport than glass meaning plastic has a smaller carbon footprint than packaging alternatives.

The Recycling Industry

The PCR availability for other types of plastic is still relatively small, or even non-existent due to various issues such as lower recyclability rates, contaminants & colours.

This is something the recycling industry is working hard on to improve and we hope to see some positive changes in the year ahead. We are carefully monitoring the changes to plastic recycling and working closely with our partners to optimise our use of plastic and try to strike a balance between consumer safety, which is our number one priority, and our environmental impact.

What Happens to Plastic Once Discarded?

Once a plastic container is no longer required, the best way to dispose of it is to use kerbside recycling. To do this, the used container should be placed in your household’s recycling bin. All packs made from the main types of plastics shared above can generally be widely recycled. If a pack is made up of separate types of plastic, its recyclability can be impacted and all of it may not be recycled.

Once the plastic is collected and sent to a recycling center, it is typically separated into different plastic types, which are then separately shredded (and impurities like paper are removed) to then be melted back into plastic pellets. These pellets are sold on to be used in new plastic products (like our Bulldog Shower Gels, Beard Shampoo, or Beard Wax & Balm).

Our new black cap contains an innovative pigment which is detectable for recycling, as opposed to standard carbon black caps which are often missed during the sorting process.

We Make Better Choices So You Can Too

At Bulldog, sustainability isn’t an after-thought. It’s central to what we do.