Caring for Mature Skin

Growing older has its benefits but sometimes we need a little help to look our best. Our Age Defence range is just the ticket. With a Moisturiser, potent Serum and Eye Roll-On to help you grow old gracefully.


Age Defence Moisturiser – Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks, while leaving the skin looking brighter and less dull.

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Age Defence Serum – contains a concentrated antioxidant complex (2 x the power of the moisturiser) use under the moisturiser at night or twice a day for added potency.

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The Eyes Have It

Age Defence Eye Roll-On – Apply directly onto the area under your eyes to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

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What Is Mature Skin?

Growing older has its benefits – wisdom, financial stability, and a better dress sense. However, sometimes we need a little help to look our best.

Let’s face it, we’ll never be able to stop the march of time but what we can do is try to look after our skin (and ourselves) along the way.


How To Care For Mature Skin

It’s up to everyone to decide when they think their skin may need a little extra… Ooomf. In this case, a powerful blend of antioxidants to help fight free radical damage. However, we would suggest that you think about making the switch in your late 30s onwards.

Prior to that, you should be covered by our Original Range unless you’re looking to solve a specific skincare concern (such as oily skin, dull & tired skin, sensivity, etc).

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Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our Age Defence Range has been specially formulated for everyday use on mature skin. We use carefully selected man-made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as; Rosemary, Echinacea & Vitamin E.